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P3 Week’s Review (20th May 2022)

Last week Pupil of the Week Award was for Nyah. She is a Successful Learner with enthusiasm for learning, able to work independently and as part of a group; and a Responsible Citizen with respect for others, able to make informed choices and decisions. Well done! 🙂

This week’s Pupil of the Week Award is for Elishka. She is an Effective Contributor with resilience, able to work in partnership and in teams; and a Successful Learner with openness to new thinking and ideas, able to think creatively and independently. Well done! 🙂


During the last couple of weeks, we have focused part of our lessons on gaining a deeper understanding of the split sounds “a-e” (as in name), “i-e” (as in nice) and “o-e” (as in home). We started working with the new sounds “u-e” and “aw“, we practiced our ability to identify words with these sounds, and reviewed the common features of words with the silent ‘e’. You can click on the new sounds and practice at home too!

We have exercised our letter formation skills and our writing, reading and sentence composition during the RWI small group sessions, and the Handwriting lessons. In this last ones, we have started using non-fiction text and discussing its features.

You can find an electronic copy of this term’s Plan for Literacy and other curricular areas at the bottom of this post.


We have continued developing our ability to figure out different fractions of small amounts with practical activities. We used fractions with small denominators (max. number 4), and discussed the fact that some fractions represent the same part of a group/shape (one half and two quarters).

We also practiced our ability to find number bonds within 20 and within 100; to order 2 digit numbers from greatest to smallest; and our number sequencing skills counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s.

Besides, we focused one of our lessons on reviewing out knowledge of the months of the year’s name, order and facts through singing and playing “Quiz”. They did a great job working as part of a team, and had a great time! 🙂


We started our “Oceans and Seas” topic lessons by writing about the things we would like to learn linked to this theme. They all had great ideas! This week we have been learning about the Oceans: what an ocean is, how many are there around the world, how are they called and why, and where we can find each of them. During this lesson, we also worked together to create a map for our class display, which we will finish putting it together and placing it next week.

Health Week

Last week we celebrated Health Week, and had the opportunity to join many interesting and fun activities along the week that can help us take care of our to be physical and mental health.

We had fun playing basketball, practicing our foot skills, and playing other games at The Crags Leisure Centre and the school Gym Hall. We enjoyed listening to Stories, and developing our expressive skills at the school Library. We learned about Triathlon and experience some of the challenges of this sport. And we had a fantastic time during Sports Day at the Holyrood Park. Many thanks for joining us 🙂

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through the comments or by writing to the school email and they will forward it to me.

Have a lovely weekend!

Ms Sola