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Primary 2 – Week in Review


In maths P2 have continued to work on number of the day. Learners now choose their own number of the day by rolling a dice or for an extra challenge two dices. For  number of the day children continue to write their number in words, add 1, subtract 1, add 10, take away 10, make tally marks and draw their number.

Beyond number we are looking at measure. This week’s focus has been around weight. We became a post office employee by weighing parcels and reading scales. The children may wish to continue to play this game at home, here is a link:

We learned measure vocabulary used on scales such as grams and kilograms. We shall continue to aim to record our measurements accurately.  Next week, around measure we shall look at volume/capacity.


Our class novel is “Horrid Henry Meets The Queen” by Francesca Simon. P2 have found this book humorous and picked up some new vocabulary along the way – ‘mimicked’, ‘considered’, and ‘spectacular’ to name a few unfamiliar words we have discussed together. 

Everyone has had an opportunity to read aloud to the teacher on three occasions, and WOW what fantastic expression some children are using retelling their stories!

We have worked on Read, Write, Ink and our focus for learning has been sentence construction. P2 are superstars using capital letters, finger spaces and punctuation at the end of their sentences (!, ? or .).

I am pleased to say, P2 enjoyed having an opportunity to work with their p7 buddies on Monday afternoon. The class split into two and we completed an art activity indoors and spent time in the outside playground to share a story with our P7 buddy. We are all looking forward to working with our buddies again very soon!


In Spanish we are learning colours, played bingo in pairs, and loved singing this song too. Here is the link:


We have completed our block of gymnastics and are now looking at dance. This week we became familiar with a Scottish ceilidh dance and a Superman party dance. Videos and photographs to follow. The children had lots of fun. 

Kind Regards
Nicola Sandilands