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P1 – Monday 15th November

Prehistoric Art

At the end of November, each pupil will take home a Bookbug bag.

There are 3 books in the bag this year.

This week we read our first book, Inch and Grub. Click the link below to hear the story.

Inspired by this book, we decided to make our own art inspired by prehistoric cave art.

We worked as a team to make our own paint using chalk and water and then painted around each others hands. Some of us also drew animals, symbols or people.

3D Shape

This week we have been learning all about 3D shape.

First we sorted the shapes into cones, cylinders, cubes, spheres and cuboids, then together we counted their faces.

We know some can stack, some can slide and some can roll.

We also had a go at building towers, just like Inch and Grub did!


Don’t forget to log on to Education City to play the games I have set you.

The first page has a lot of information on it and can feel a bit overwhelming. The log in button is in the top right corner as shown below.

If you need any help at all, please phone or email the school.


Here are some fun games to have a go at!

2D shape

3D shape

Reading cvc words

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Copeland