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Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back to Fantastic Friday where we showcase the amazing work and play done in the nursery each week! This week we have been exploring light and dark and focussing on space and the night sky. We have been discussing the different routines for night and day and the planets in our solar system. We have enjoyed reading books about the moon and astronauts and have been role playing in our space suit. We made some beautiful stained glass window decorations to observe how the colours change in the sunlight, built amazing rockets using recycling and painted some bright stars and moons. We also designed and built some brilliant rockets in our construction area and had lots of fun playing with our small world space station. We helped bake a yummy cake for our friend’s birthday and made some bright playdough. We had a great time at forest school making some lovely leaf rubbings and played hide and seek in the woods.

Please continue to post lovely pictures of the fun you have at home on the learning journals. If your child is going to school after the summer then please make sure you have submitted your application. As the weather is getting colder please make sure you bring you are on time as it is too cold for the children to be waiting outside for long periods of time. We hope you have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday!