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Assembly 20th May

Hello. It’s been a busy week – our planters are now filled with soil and classes are starting off seeds on the windowsills for a colourful welcome next session.

Our Vice House Captains had the lovely job of thanking the Dumbiedykes Residents’ Association for a kind donation as they closed their accounts for the last time. We are going to put it towarsd our ‘greening’ project.

Sadly our House Captains have had a less pleasant job checking the upper school loos after a spate of vandalism and careless behaviour led to inconvenience and a repair bill. Please can we all work together to look after our school and each other.

We found out that Mrs Henry will be joining Royal Mile as Head Teacher next session And we had yummy fruit for snack on Friday thanks to the Parent Council. We have the same again this Friday too!

So here it is – Assembly! https://youtu.be/boSTGroUuYw

Take care, Mrs Jessop!