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Pupil Council News – FUNNY FUNDRAISING

We had a meeting on TEAMS this week to chat about fundraising with Aaron, Mia and Leila. We decided that we would definitely like to have a bit of fun on Red Nose Day 19th March. So get your giggling muscles ready!

We are going to ask people to send us a picture of their funniest face! You can use filters or just your facial muscles to make us giggle! please email pictures to admin@royalmile.edin.sch.uk by THURSDAY 18th March.

Then you can get creative and design a superhero – FUNNY IS A SUPER POWER! The Pupil Council will judge all entries and there will be prizes for each class. Sheets will be available from 15th.

Last, but not least, we are challenging every class to find their TOP TEN JOKES. We will publish them on our blogs so you can join in the laughter at home!

A donation of £1 would be greatly appreciated and we hope everyone will join in the fun!

( we will also be asking for your copper coins to help with experiments during SCIENCE WEEK 15th MARCH, and we’ll pop them in the fundraising as well. So have a wee search down the back of the sofa please)