PUZZLE Friday in P3

& WELCOME to International



2.) SAY THE COLOUR NOT THE WORD (In how many seconds can you answer correctly?)



5.) by NATALIA:

6.) by CHELSEA:

7.) by COLIN:

You start with the one with the black spot under the telly.

You have to pick up the torch/light on the left on the stool and shine it into the black space.

It will uncover the darkness and you’ll see that the TV is unplugged.

8.) by LYNDA:


Lastly. check out another super contribution from COLIN! Say what you see:

2 thoughts on “PUZZLE Friday in P3

    1. rmpstaff Post author

      Thank you so much for checking out our blog! Very well done! Gold star for you and Chelsea, who contributed the riddle! πŸ™‚ Have a lovely weekend! MsBrunner


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