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Welcome to another

Please take a look at all the effort and hard work from boys & girls in P3!

Burn’s day, ASIA, addition & subtraction, spelling and much more…

is ARON for sharing his fabulous home learning. He focused on Japan and worked together with his dad who is teaching him his expert sushi making skills! What an excellent JASS activity to learn something new or improve skills! Amazing!


learning form P3:

I also wanted to share another PONGO adventure! Can you spot something special about how the letters and words are written?

Pongo is not just the STAR of Lynda’s story but actually got his very own adventure park! Look how amazing:

Thank you so much for all your hard work – Unbelievably, here is even more:

fractions, bible stories, JASS, Spanish, …

Please keep looking to find out some of our puzzle answers and more…