“Say Something Nice” Day

Today is “Say Something Nice” Day! Mrs Speedie is collecting nice and happy words from the whole school.


“It would be lovely if you could find Happy Words in your home language and make posters, drawings, photos etc about your Happy Words. You can also tell us what the words mean in your home language and why they make you or others happy. It can be a compliment, or a word that reminds you of happy days, family times, lovely thoughts etc. You can use your home language, a language that you or anybody in your family speak or are learning, and of course you can also use English, Spanish or Gaelic words.”


I have chosen 2 words. “Chocolate” and “cake”. I love chocolate and cake! They are happy words to me.

download (3)


download (2)


Here are links to 2 short videos where you can learn the signs for chocolate and cake.




It would be lovely to hear from you. You could send in a picture or a video of you signing “chocolate” or “cake”, or you could pick one of your own favourite happy words!


Mrs Rush