Residents Information

A message shared from Dumbiedykes Residents

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Braidwood Centre has been closed by the Council. The Braidwood committee and DRA had been hoping to use the centre as a hub for dropping off and collecting vital supplies. But this is no longer possible.
We know people want to help each other at this terrible time. The priority is people’s health. Everyone must first and foremost look after their own and their family’s health.

If people are well enough and have the resources to do so they could look out for elderly neighbours at this time. If you can’t help everyone help just one person.
When the situation changes and the Council allows the Braidwood Centre to reopen we will look at what can be done collectively. Within current guidelines and putting public health first.

If anything changes, we’ll be back in touch. If there is any information you would like us to share on your behalf do let us know. 

With best wishes to you all, Lee

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