Good Morning! Thursday 26th March 2020

So here we are, nearly at the end of the week. I hope that you are all well and that you have been enjoying sharing some learning together.

Many of the teachers have been joining in with Joe Wicks morning workout. Miss Copeland and Oreo were looking very spry! Quite a few people needed a sit down and cup of tea afterwards I believe.

On a more serious note, some schools have opened to support families of keyworkers such as doctors, nurses and carers, as well as those who support them with supplies etc.

This flowchart should help you to think about whether you need this support.

More information about keyworkers is available on the City Of Edinburgh Website /

Key workers can register for childcare/schooling priority places at

If you have already applied you should be informed shortly about arrangements.

Please remember that by staying indoors as much as possible and by social distancing when we have to go out, we are all looking after each other.

You may have seen information on social media about how we can show support and appreciation for our Healthcare Workers. They are doing so much to keep us all safe and well. So at 8pm tonight we are all being encouraged to open our windows and give these heroes a round of applause! Now, just to be clear we are not talking a marshmallow clap Royal Mile but a good old noisy clapping of hands. I’ll be listening!!!

AND I know the teachers are all feeling a bit lonely and would love to hear what you have been up to – so PLEASE LEAVE US A COMMENT. You can click the button at the bottom of every post. If you want to send us a picture then use the email.

We are missing you all and hope that everyone stays safe and well.

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