LC1 – Home learning grids

Dear LC1 boys,

For the next two weeks you will be learning from home. I have prepared a learning grid for each one of you. In there, you will find different fun activities and tasks. Complete them in your own pace and order.

Keep your completed work or take photos of it. You can also ask and adult to take a photo of you when you work on one of the tasks.

If you have any questions or you are confused about any of the activities you can send an email to school. You will find the school’s admin email address on your learning grid. I will be available and happy to support you in your learning and to answer your questions.

I will be posting more examples and ideas of fun activities so please visit our blog regularly.

I understand that this situation is difficult but try to stay calm and happy, and if you feel sad or bored, you can contact me using school’s email 😊

Dear boys, most of all please keep healthy and stay safe!

Missing you already!

Mrs Machowiak

LC1 – school closure learning grid_week1_Matthew

LC1 – school closure learning grid_week1_Leighton

LC1 – school closure learning grid_week1_James

LC1 – school closure learning grid_week1_Fraser

LC1 – school closure learning grid_week1_CJ

LC1 – school closure learning grid_week1_Cameron

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