New Term, New Adventures!

We hope everyone had a lovely Summer and that they are ready for the year ahead. The children have been very busy this month already settling in with their new, fulltime hours and focusing on “All About Me” – learning about themselves, their attributes and abilities.

We have been measuring our height, foot size and doing hand prints to compare to in a years time to track how much we have grown. We have also been painting with our feet – a task which some of us found extremely ticklish and funny!

We are making the most of the good weather whilst it lasts by exploring the garden and helping to keep the plants watered and free of weeds. Our fruit and veg will soon be ready to harvest!

It has also been a month of celebrating a few birthdays – which of course involves a lot of baking cakes!

We are requesting that parents bring in a picture of their child at newborn and toddler stage for their “All About Me” project so they can see how much they have grown and changed. We will make a display of these photos before returning them to you.

Keep an eye out of for information on upcoming PEEP sessions on Tuesday mornings beginning the 5th of September. Come along and have some fun with your little ones :)!