Hello and welcome to our blog.

We are going to be telling you all about what we do in school for the next 9 months (we will be writing, not our teacher). Have a look at our photographs and read the first entry below.



Getting back into the school routines has been challenging but our school learning heroes: Reflection, Independence, Curiosity, Resilience, Collaboration, Creativity and our own- Appreciation, have been very helpful.

Every morning we have times tables challenges and we also do maths outside and on iPads using different programs, like Education City.  We are learning about angles and shapes just now.

As a class we have been reading a novel called Tribes. It’s a really good book and I am sure the whole class will recommend it.

In drama we have been learning how to improvise. It is really funny and the whole class wants to do it again and again.

We also learn languages: French and Gaelic. French is new but all of us learnt Gaelic last year.

In the playground we have a new climbing frame and everybody is eager to go on it. We follow a timetable to make sure we are all safe there. We have fun in the train area, trim trail and basketball pitch as well. Together with P7 we use our playground for fitness and athletics activities.

Now that we are older we have more responsibilities in school, such as P1 buddies and vice house captains roles.

We meet with our P1 buddies after Building Resilience assembly twice a month to learn together how to manage difficulties, make and play games, and read books. We look forward to having more fun together.

Our house and vice house captains were elected on the 14th of September. The class has also already voted for our reps: Health, Art, Eco and Pupil Council and Junior Road Safety Officer.

Our topics for this year are: Victorians, Edinburgh, Industrial Revolution: coal, steam and oil, South America and mapping Europe.

We have started planning our Victorians study and are going to explore it during our visit to Lauriston Castle on the 28th of  September. We look forward to more amazing and fun trips, like climbing a hill (we will tell you more about it later)!

Thank you for reading.

Teyyibah and William

PS. We have attached Term 1 Overview of what we are going to learn.

term 1 parent overview      P6 Reading Journal    P6 spelling palette