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Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel!

Starting from Monday 20th until Friday 31st, Royal Mile Primary School will be participating in the Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel competition. This is a UK wide initiative to help all of us keep active and fit by walking, wheeling, scooting and cycling to school so that we reduce car journeys, improve air quality and help the environment. Research shows that the more active we are, the more alert and energised we will be – ready for our learning.

We hope all the children can work together to help the school win some fantastic prizes. Thank you in advance to all the parents who will be supporting us.

More information can be found on the Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel website where you can also see a full list of the prizes.

Let’s all get ready for some active journeys to school next week!

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British Science Week Launch

Hello! It is Friday 10th March and the LAUNCH of British Science Week. This year the theme is…

What comes to mind when you think about ‘connections‘?

We have been making Connections with STEM organisations and events such as…

Primary 6 and 7 visited Dynamic Earth on Thursday for their STEM Careers Day.

Generation Science will be visiting on Monday to deliver an assembly to everyone

Pupils from Primary 1-7 will be visiting the City Art Centre on either 27, 28 or 29th March to get hands on with the Edinburgh Science Festival

Have a little prediction about what exciting activities you’ll be getting stuck in to but for now have a peek at British Science Week’s…

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter –

If you’re keen to get started now, join TheDadLab‘s live video of extracting DNA from a strawberry. The video goes live at 2pm today!

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Primary 7 Camp -Day 4

Today was an epic adventure day. Like pirates and vikings before us (and probably many more reputable ancestors) we were going to build rafts and sail to an island. We made our plans and got into 4 teams. Our 1st task; design a flag for our rafts.

We kitted up for our adventure. We put our rucksacks in barrels to protect them from splashes and picked a paddle. Once at Loch Insh, Group 1 removed the canoes from the trailer and arranged them on the beach.

 In our teams, we paddled across the loch to the Osprey Island. Our canoe had some challenges steering but we did make it in the end!

Once on the island, we had lunch with a view!

Thereafter, we climbed some tree roots and played camouflage again.

We got into our canoes again and paddled around the island. We learned that the island is a nesting site for osprey from April to July, which means there are no visitors during that time. We saw a big nest in the top of the tree. Finally, we had a floating picnic of flapjacks on the loch before paddling back to shore.

We are now heading into the forest to have a campfire and s’mores to round off our wonderful week. We can’t wait to see you all tomorrow and tell you about our adventures!

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Primary 7 Camp-Day 3 Part 2

In the afternoon, Group 1 went abseiling first. Once again, their teamwork did them credit as they encouraged one another and cheered each other on as they went down.

Finally (Group 1 have been so busy) we tried our hands at archery. Some excellent shots and several near bullseyes!! Well done !

Group 2 went abseiling after Group 1 (on their return from their biking adventure). Morea went first and demonstrated how easily it could be done. The group agreed that it had been super exciting!

Our evening activity was the Nightline, where the whole group worked together to guide each other around the obstacle course.

As always, we are sending everyone at home lots of love and we hope you are enjoying reading/seeing our adventures!