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Hello and welcome to health week.

I hope we have a fun and active week ahead.

To start us off have a look at what some of the staff have been up to over the last few weeks.


Miss Finlayson and Mr Madine

Dear Primary 7

Dear Primary 7,

I hope you have a had a lovely week and didn’t get sun burnt like I did! If you are going out in the nice weather, please do make sure your shoulders and back are covered with sun cream or your jacket-I learnt the hard way!

Once again, I have been so delighted to see the hard work that you have shared with me. More and more of you are participating in the online programs of Active Learn and Education City. Laura and Naeema have shared work with me on the homework tab of P7 TEAMS, which I know takes time, so a huge well done to you both.

Next week is Health Week, usually my favourite week of the year as lots of fun activities happen and we can wear sports clothes to school! This year, of course, it will look different, but Mr Madine and Ms Finlayson have put together a wonderful grid of daily activities for you to try, which support both your physical and mental health. I will not be posting an additional grid, but you may notice that the next two- week block of maths is available on Education City and Active Learn (with our new topic of measure) if you find you are missing doing maths!

As always, if you have any questions or anything to share, please do email it to:

me directly, share it on TEAMS or

For those of you not yet set up, please do read the code of conduct below and let the office know. They will send you your login details.


When you do get access, I shall send you an email and it would be lovely if you said hello on the posts in TEAMS. We miss hearing from everyone!


In other news, I decided to bake something a little simpler this week. (I still feel full when I think of the chocolate cheesecake!). This week I made cupcakes (the same recipe we used for Virgin Money). Now, it’s my mum’s recipe, so it uses ounces rather than kilograms, but as our new maths topic is measure, I feel it is an appropriate challenge! Copper decided to ‘help’ me in my morning workout and still seems to think if he sits quietly on the yoga mat (which he seems convinced is out for him) he won’t get stepped on! Don’t worry, he’s fine, he was just rather indignant but lots of attention brought him round again!

I hope you have a lovely weekend Primary 7. I look forward to seeing some photos of your healthy activities next week. Look after yourselves and those in your home.

Take care,

Miss Kerr



You will need:

-6 ounces self raising flour

-6 ounces caster sugar

-6 ounces margarine or butter

-3 eggs

-icing, icing sugar or sprinkles, depending on your choice for decoration

-paper cupcake cases



Preheat the oven to 160 degrees.

Cream the butter and sugar together using your mixer. You want to keep doing this until it is pale and looks fluffy.

Add in 1 egg at time with a teaspoon of flour so it doesn’t curdle. Mix the egg in with your mixer.

Sieve the flour into the bowl and fold in using a big spoon. (this is to make sure there is plenty of air in the mixture, so don’t overdo it).

Spoon into your cupcake cases.

Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Leave to cool on a rack and only when they are cool, add your toppings. I used leftover icing from the birthday cake and stuck it on with some raspberry jam.


(The beauty of this recipe is that it can be adapted very easily depending on how much you want to make or how much you have in the house. The quantities should always be double the amount of eggs you have. So, if you have only 2 eggs, use 4 ounces of flour, margarine and sugar or if you have 4 eggs, use 8 ounces of flour, sugar and margarine).



WOW Wednesday in P7!



I am so impressed with all the work you are doing. 

Challenging themselves on Active Learn and Education City this week are: Laura, Beda, Saim, Prince, Nikki, Naeema, Emre and Oli. Fantastic! 

Some of you have also sent in amazing photos or uploads of your work: 

Very impressive division work from Gisela:

Gisela 2


Beautiful artwork from Laura:


Brilliant sentence building from Jack: 

Jack 1

A further two shout outs to: 

Beda-for her vivid diary entry, which captured the character’s point of view. 

Naeema-for challenging herself with Speed, Distance, Time Problems!

As you know, I send you your house-points individually on a Friday. Keep up the hard work!! 


Home Learning Grid Week 7

Dear Primary 7,

Please see attached below the home learning grid for this week.

I will also upload this document to the class TEAMS, along with two chapters of ‘Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’. You can also find support documents in the class materials-Week 7 folder. The links on the grid, don’t appear to be working, please choose your option and then click on the corresponding links on the blog post beneath the grid. All of these documents are on TEAMS as well.

If you are not sure about anything or would like to share your work, you can email me, upload it to your personal student notebook under the homework tab or send it to

I hope you have a lovely week.

Miss Kerr

Primary 7 Home Learning Grid Week 7

Reading Comprehension:

Mild Reading comprehension week 7 Bruno

Spicy Reading Comprehension Bruno Wk 7


Time Challenge Questions:

Mild time week 7

Spicy time challenge week 7

Hot speed distance time challenge

Writing planning sheet:

video games should be banned planning document