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News from residential camp

Benmore-The Arrival

Monday at Benmore!

Hello to all of you! We have arrived safely! We are unpacked, fed and ready for a well-earned rest!

Benmore House is situated in Benmore Botanic Gardens, which we explored this afternoon. As it was raining, we suited up in wet weather gear and enjoyed jumping in the puddles! Some of us tried our hand at a mini-gorge walk-climbing up the streams to reach the top of hills.

In the evening, we went on a night walk. In our groups, we guided one another through the forest in the dark, while holding onto a string to show us the way. This is to help our groups become teams.

That’s all from us today! Check in later for news and photos of day two!!



Meeting 5th March at 5pm!

Please come along to the meeting as we will sharing important information and you can complete all the necessary paperwork for the trip.

If you are unable to come along, call the school office so that we can ensure you have everything ready. It is very important that you complete forms for any medicines your child will need during the trip, including travel sickness tablets and anything we don’t hold at school.

Look forward to seeing you then!