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Art and Science in Primary 7

On Thursday, 22nd of September, Primary 7 explored marine engineering through a buoyancy workshop with the Sea Cadets. They discovered the science of buoyancy, explaining why some objects float in a fluid while others sink. Thereafter, they designed their own boat made from light card and tin foil. They considered how to stop the cargo (marbles, pebbles etc) from rolling around and making the boat unstable. After construction, they filled their boats with marbles to see who had the sturdiest structure.

In third place: Amelie and Khadija with 131 marbles before sinking.

In second place: Brisa and Akraam with 152 marbles before sinking.

In first place: Alya and Katrina with 172 marbles before sinking!

On Wednesday, 28th of September, Primary 7 had a private tour of the Talbot Rice Gallery. We reflected on how the spaces made us feel and discussed the aims of the artist. The space was split into different zones with very different atmospheres. We began to ponder about the different purposes and aims of art galleries and art installations.

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Home Learning in Primary 7

Dear Primary 7 families,

This week, we are starting with our reading home learning. Each pupil will receive a reading journal booklet in which to document what they are reading at home. Pupils can read books at home, borrow from school or local libraries or from the book box. (Please be assured, reading in your home language is encouraged).

Throughout the term, they shall record the books they are reading at home in the contents pages and choose one activity per week to complete. (This can be done in an order of your choice).

On Fridays, pupils will be asked to talk about their reading at home in an informal way, perhaps sharing recommendations, discussing the style of writing or story hooks used by the author. Please see below a PDF version of the booklet for reference.

In class, we are looking at Growth Mindset with Skipper. I would like to draw your attention again to the home learning activities which accompany this. If you could share your home learning on this in time for the assembly on the 31st of October-that would be wonderful! I look forward to seeing your lovely creative doodle arts!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Mrs Harrison

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House and Vice Captains

Last Friday, Royal Mile Primary School voted on their house and vice captains. Primary 7 worked really hard on their persuasive speeches and delivered them to a whole school assembly-which takes a lot of nerve! Well done to everyone who took part and the winners of each house are:

House Captain: Cole Vice House Captain: Amelie
House Captain: Kaiden Vice House Captain: Brisa
House Captain: Alya Vice House Captain: Seth
House Captain: Morea Vice House Captain: Chris

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Primary 7 Home Learning Monday 12th of September

Dear Primary 7 families,

Please find attached a grid of learning activities which relate to what pupils have been doing in class. Please note that this grid is for the next two days and you can choose the order in which to complete the activities. All pupils who were in school on Friday were issued with a purple jotter and a pencil in which to complete their work. This work can be brought in to me when in-person school resumes.

Dear P7, Below is a link to a learning grid for you to work through. This is for the two days of home learning, so please do not try to complete in one day! Do not stress if you cannot complete it all, focus on the literacy and numeracy tasks first. If you are really stuck, you can email: and I shall get back to you.