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Primary 7 Camp -Day 4

Today was an epic adventure day. Like pirates and vikings before us (and probably many more reputable ancestors) we were going to build rafts and sail to an island. We made our plans and got into 4 teams. Our 1st task; design a flag for our rafts.

We kitted up for our adventure. We put our rucksacks in barrels to protect them from splashes and picked a paddle. Once at Loch Insh, Group 1 removed the canoes from the trailer and arranged them on the beach.

 In our teams, we paddled across the loch to the Osprey Island. Our canoe had some challenges steering but we did make it in the end!

Once on the island, we had lunch with a view!

Thereafter, we climbed some tree roots and played camouflage again.

We got into our canoes again and paddled around the island. We learned that the island is a nesting site for osprey from April to July, which means there are no visitors during that time. We saw a big nest in the top of the tree. Finally, we had a floating picnic of flapjacks on the loch before paddling back to shore.

We are now heading into the forest to have a campfire and s’mores to round off our wonderful week. We can’t wait to see you all tomorrow and tell you about our adventures!