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March in Primary 7

During Science Week, Primary 7 were lucky enough to attend an in school workshop on anatomy and to visit Dynamic Earth for a STEM Careers Fair. We listened to the inspiring career paths of a scientific photographer and a marine biologist, both of whom work on Research Vessels exploring the oceans. The fair included a range of stalls for different companies from a variety of scientific backgrounds and we discovered many interesting devices and people.

Tuesday the 21st of March was World Poetry Day and Primary 7 were invited to commemorate this at the Writers’ Museum in Makars’ Court. This local gem of a museum houses exhibits about Walter Scott, Robert Burns and Robert Louis Stevenson. RLS wrote a children’s poetry book (A Child’s Garden of Verses) and also many exciting stories. To inspire our creativity we watched the National Theatre production of Treasure Island through the teacher’s subscription.

This exciting tale of adventure, bravery, dishonesty, greed and treasure encouraged us to write our own poems for World Poetry Day. We wrote the final draft on ‘parchment’ and these will be displayed in the museum. Some of us read our poems aloud to the audience of artists and museum guides and some local tour groups who were passing through Makars’ Court! Thereafter, we created a collage picture inspired by the Scott Monument, a treasure map or the museum itself.

To further celebrate science week, we created a seismometer in class and wrote up our observations on how it worked. We also visited the Science Festival on the 28th of March, which received rave reviews from the whole class! Every child got a brochure about it to take home, so this could be something really fun for the holidays! Some feedback from Primary 7 included:

“I really liked doing the Speed Sailing”

“I loved doing the creative coding, I loved it when we made the robots have a dance competition!”

“I liked doing the surgery, it showed how real surgery would be and it was fun to take out the stones, fix his knee and his brain.”

“Being a surgeon – I really liked it and I think for my future job I would like to be a surgeon”

“I really liked the surgery, it was really realistic and very interesting. We also learned some medical terminology for equipment and body parts”

“I really liked the blood bar because we got to feel the heart, we learned how the heart works and how the blood pumps through veins and arteries”

“I liked the surgery and crafting the sea oceans and making the yachts”

“I liked learning about the dangers of needles and never to pick them up, due to contaminated blood”

Finally, our display wall is depicting a rather eclectic mix of our Surrealism pictures from earlier in the year and our Spring pictures, inspired by the theme of the Art Gallery this year. The class winner for Primary 7 was Maria and everyone in the class contributed a flower to the collaborative frame. These hang on the walls of the stairs.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday!