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Egg-citing News in P1!

Primary 1 were shocked to come back from lunch on Tuesday to find the classroom cordoned off. Mrs Henry explained that she didn’t know what made the mess, but that she found a box in her room which may have something to do with it…

When we opened it up we found an… egg!

There was also a scroll in it which stated that Primary 1 is to look after it until further notice…

Davie the Janitor checked the ‘CCTV’ and found that a dinosaur had been in our classroom!

To Be Continued…

Egg-citing Experiment!

We investigated the effects of different drinks on eggs, imagining they were our teeth!
We predicted which ones will be ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and what we think would happen to each one.

4 days later, on the last day of term, we observed the differences in the eggs.

  • “The vinegar one is squishy” Aiden
  • “The water one feels smooth and hard, normal” Lola
  • [The diluting juice one is] “squishy, bumpy, rough” Eddy
  • “The milk is smooth and hard” Mohamed
  • [The coffee one is] “hard and and turned brown” Jana
  • [The Cola one] “turned brown, hard, smooth” Sarah
  • [The orange juice one is] “cracked, bumpy, hard, sandy” Aiden

Primary 1 sorted the drinks into ‘good drinks’ and ‘bad drinks’ for our teeth. (Excuse the cracked water one!)


When looking at combining and partitioning, we are aiming to teach the place value of numbers, not simply ‘adding’.

The 5 in the number below is actually worth 50, whereas the 4 is worth 4, because of it’s place in the number.

Additionally, when adding 100, 20 and 8 we do not get 100208. We need to layer the numbers on top of each other to get 128.

This Week primary 1 are working on Number Bonds

How many different ways can you make the number 5 using two hands?

0+5, 1+4, 2+3, 3+2, 4+1, 5+0

Can you use resources to write sums to make the number 10?

These are number bonds. Primary 1 will be needing to recall their number bonds to 10 quickly. This is a key skill.

Here are two games to play at home

Hit the button –

Subtraction to 10 –

Check Education City for home learning tasks.

Work your way through the games at your own pace.