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Primary 7 Camp – Day 3-Part 1

Another exciting day for Primary 7 in the fantastic Cairngorms National Park!

This morning, Group 1 went on a forest adventure. With the views and supportive attitudes reminiscent of the Fellowship of the Ring, we made our way up hill to be rewarded by the most beautiful view. Enroute, we tasted wood sorrels (they taste like the skin of green apples…). See our photos below (cue LOTR soundtrack in the background…)

On the way down, we took it in turns to choose the route and lead the group. We paused for an exciting game of camouflage (Maria had a ) and had fun with some creative hiding places!

Group 2 went on a huge bike ride this morning and had their lunch as a picnic.We all mastered the gears on the bikes to get up the hills and down the hills. We learned how to do the ready position for mountain biking and showed good sense on the roads.