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Primary 7 Camp-Day 2

What an action packed day for Primary 7!

Both groups went Gorge Walking this morning. Group 1 worked wonderfully as a compassionate team, always looking out for one another and proffering a hand to help. Group 2 embraced the challenge and the cold water and came out victorious! Check out our many photos below!

This afternoon, Group 1 went mountain biking around the trails and tracks in the surrounding forest. Once again, they worked together and looked after one another in the tough terrain. We stopped to throw stones in the river Feshie and Maria uncovered a truly ginormous rock! We also attempted Andy’s Challenge-a really steep incline -we didn’t make it to the top but the reigning champion Maria, made it to the rocks about 1/3 of the way! (We should emphasise that this is super steep!!) Julian won the prize for the best helmet hair!

In the afternoon, Group 2 did archery! Many of the P7’s scored a bullseye and improved their accuracy skills! The red flag means that we are shooting arrows so they know not go on that side if they don’t want to get shot!

After all our adventures, we had some well deserved chilled time.

Now it’s time for hot chocolate, supper and bed! We hope you aren’t missing us too much!

2 thoughts on “Primary 7 Camp-Day 2”

  1. It looks like they are having fun, enjoy yourself.
    I would like some more fotos of Morea, please.

  2. We do miss you, but we are happy that you’re having so much fun. Sending you lots of love! ❤

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