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Jake adventures

Happy holidays everybody! 🙂

Jake is off to…


whop whop 🥳

Jake arrived safely in Vienna and could hardly sleep with all the excitement. He even got to see the plane’s cockpit. 😁

Jake can’t wait to try some Austrian cooking! 😋

Oohhhh. I could get used to this…

Clear soup with pancake?!? Unusual but super yummy. 😋

What’s for pud, you ask.

Chocolate cake with cream. 🤩

I wonder what Jake will get up to today?

Time to blow off some steam… 🚗

Jake mastered the forward flip

Couldn’t get him off the super long slide

He definitely did not want to leave…

Jake did pretty well at football ⚽️ too!

Still loyal to his local team! ❤️