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Creativity, concentrating and collaboration!

Literacy Fun!

Learning about the letter c sparked some fun craft requests from our class – crown creating and castanet constructing!

Amina in Primary 2 knows a lot about Australian animals. When learning about the letter k, she popped in and read us a story about a Jeremy, a baby Kookaburra. Thank you, Amina!

Flick through the slide show below to see our other literacy activities


This week we found an increased confidence in using height. Some were inspired by Inch and Grub, a book where two cavemen build very tall, but wobbly, towers!

P.E – Racket skills – Tennis

Balancing and bouncing bean bags, balls and shuttlecocks. We have been strengthening our arms and core in order to hold and use rackets. We have been practising coordinating dropping the ball to serve and moving our bodies to be able to return. Lots of concentrating going on below… and lots of fun!

Shades of colour

We have dark green and light green hooks for our coats but how do you make light and dark green? This question from a group of curious girls lead us to investigate using black and white to mix different shades.


Repeating patterns in shape, colour and line. Spotting patterns in the environment inspired us to look at animals. We recognised lots of animal names such as zebras, tigers and giraffes when looking at their patterns.

Maths – Shape

We have been talking about shapes. With 2D shapes we need to know the…

  • Name of the shape
  • How many corners it has
  • Sides – Are they curved? Straight? How many are there?

With 3D shapes we identify

  • How many faces
  • What shapes are the faces
  • If the faces are flat or curved

Instrument investigation

What is sound? How do we hear it? Can we see it? How do we change sound?

  • Sound travels in waves, just like dropping a penny into water
  • These waves travel into our ears and our ears send a message to our brains
  • Sound can vary by pitch and volume
  • We learnt about different types of instruments and how they are played
  • We used our problem solving skills to create shakers with recycling and lentils
  • What happens to the sound of a bottle if we add more water?
  • Can sound travel through our cup and string telephones?

Self Directed Learning