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Hi P6!

I hope you are enjoying some of the activities of the home learning grid.

We are so pleased to welcome you back to school tomorrow, Wednesday 14th September and can’t wait to see some of your completed tasks.

Just a quick message to let you know that P6 will also have PE with Mr Madine on Wednesday morning and Thursday before lunch this week.

Here are some more important events coming up for us…

Preston Street transition activity – technology challenge at Royal mile

Thursday, 29th September

outing to Children’s library on Monday, 3rd October

museum of Scotland with a Victorian focus on

Monday, 10th October

and Holyrood Palace – a Victorian workshop on

Tuesday, 25th October

straight after the holiday – and a small fee of £3 on

5 thoughts on “Hi P6!”

  1. Hi, Ms. Brunner I was going to do the spelling activity but I didn’t know what the spelling pattern was. I don’t know if I missed it because I was off school. What shall I do?

    1. Our recent patterns were doubling consonant before adding -ing. As in running, tripping etc and y changing to ies/ied in 3rd person. As in glorifies and verified. Hope that helps. Thank you for working so hard 🥰

  2. Hi Ms. Brunner I was going to do the spelling activity but I don’t have the spelling pattern. what shall I do?

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