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P3 Week’s Review (9th June 2022)

This week our pupil of the week is Olivia. She has shown she is a Successful Learner with enthusiasm and motivation for learning, able to link and apply different kind of learning in new situations; and a Responsible Citizen with respect for others, able to make informed choices and decisions. Well done, Olivia! 🙂


These weeks we have been revisiting the sounds we have learned along the year. We also explored the sound “ur” and different words with it. We have exercised our memory and listening skills trying to identify and remember words we learned with all the sounds, included the new one. During our RWI lessons, we exercised our letter formation, writing and reading skills, and our capacity of writing sentences which include more information and details.

We have also worked on our ability of reading and selecting specific information of non-fiction texts. They have done a fantastic job!


We revisited the previous week’s lessons, and we played some games to improve our ability to recognise some of the coins (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p), its value and use in the real life. We also started (or continued) developing our counting money skills of coins with the same value. We played a ‘toy shop’ game to in which we had to find out if we had enough money to buy the things we would like from the shop. They have worked very hard! 🙂

We have also worked on our ability to find different dates, days and months in a calendar; and discussed the differences between the months of the year. We will continue with this activity next week too.


During these two weeks we have answered many questions that we had when we started the topic, and we learned different facts about the ocean: why the water is salted, why are there volcanic islands, how are the underwater mountains called, what tides are, what waves are.

We have also learned about the features of interesting animals that live in the different oceans, and created a poster with what we have learned with a partner. They have done a wonderful work, you can see some examples below. Next week, each group will be the teacher and present their animal to the rest of the class.

Health and Well-being

During this term we are working with the ‘Respect yourself’ block of the plan. We have been discussing how we are all unique, and the things we do to make the world a bit better.

RSHP Education:
We have been talking about how we all have different families, and how the different members of our family take care of us. We also discussed our role in the family, and how we help at home. Then they did a great job drawing family portraits 🙂

Problem Solving

This week we revised Tangrams and used our knowledge of shapes. Can you tell what we made?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through the comments or by writing to the school email and they will forward it to me.

Have a lovely weekend!

Ms Sola