Primary 1 Blog

Friday 29th April

Hello! We hope you enjoy looking at what we have been learning.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish our Muslim families a happy and healthy Eid! Thank you to the very kind parents and friends who came with food, face paint, henna and gifts for the pupils. We really appreciate all the work that went in to setting up and organising today for the whole school!

Orienteering in P.E

Working in teams and moving fast we have had to communicate, collect and arrange items to make these funny faces!

Signs of Spring

P1 went on a walk to Holyrood Park to go on a scavenger hunt looking for signs of spring. We spotted everything apart from the elusive squirrels!


Our whole school has been learning all about the Ukrainian Easter tradition of Pysanky eggs. We decorated eggs which will be combined to make bunting for outside the school. Mohtada made this beautiful card at home to welcome our new pupil, Alisa, who is from Ukraine.

Easter Salt Dough Decorations

We used ‘bossy’ imperative verbs when making our salt dough. kneading, mixing, pouring, stirring, flattening, rolling, cooking, painting – so many verbs!

Bus Tour

We went on a tour around Edinburgh with Cobbles the Scottie Dog!

Easter at Canongate Kirk

We were kindly invited to Canongate kirk to look around and hear the Easter Story. We enjoyed spotting the Christian symbols and stained glass windows.

Floating and Sinking Experiment

We set up an experiment to learn about sinking and floating. This sparked discussions about materials and their uses e.g. what are boats made out of and does the shape make a difference.

Royal Mile Art Gallery

Here it is! Our two pieces of collaborative art. The titles were voted on by the class

Primary 1’s Hand Gallery
“We were drawing around our hands.”
“We needed to cut it then we painted it.”
“We painted it the colour of our skin.”
“Our skin colours are not all the same colour because all of us have different skin colour”

Primary 1’s Best Eye Gallery Ever
“Miss Copeland took a picture of our eyes.”
“We needed to look at our eye picture and then we had to copy it.”
“The colours of the eyes are not the same.”
“We all have different colour skin.”
“We are all unique”

We were given a tour by our Art Reps. Well done to Morgan, the P1 art rep who helped create posters, invitations and remember the descriptions of some of the art.

Holyrood Palace Trip

We were kindly invited to Holyrood Palace to have a closed off tour just for our school! We enjoyed seeing rooms that the Queen goes in and learning about the decoration of the palace and what each room was for.

Glitter Bottles

Sometimes called calming bottles or sensory bottles, – these can be used for general fun or to help someone who is feeling dysregulated. We shake the bottle very hard and then watch as the glitter settles and falls, stops spinning and sinks to the bottom again.

We used water, clear PVA glue and old glitter. Enjoy!