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Primary 5 Learning Overview 25th of March

Dear Primary 5 families,

Please note that next week will be the last week of written homework before the Easter break. Due to the May holidays at the start of the summer term, the first homework issued will be on the 9th of May. 

Over the next few weeks in school, we shall be focusing on our FLUENCY in our times tables. Please take the opportunity to practise them verbally at home. 

The overview for our learning this week is below: 

Spelling:  I can practise my spelling words in a range of activities. I know that is there is a consonant before the y, I change the ending to ies. I know that adding an e to the end of a word can change the sound: e.g. mat -> mate

Expressive Arts: I can learn the steps of folk dances from around the world. I can incorporate what I have learned and design a dance sequence of my own. I can work collaboratively with my group. 

Numeracy: I can find the fraction of a number. I can solve word problems by breaking down what the question is asking me. I know my 5 and 10 times tables fluently. I can solve multiplying and dividing problems using my knowledge of the 5 and 10 times tables. I can divide larger numbers and explain my thinking. 

Maths: I can write a good research question. I can gather information on my question and record my answer in a frequency table. I can use tallies correctly. I understand why we use grouped data for larger data sets. I can record my findings using grouped data in a frequency table. 

Social Studies:. I can research a country in Africa. I am starting to learn facts about the continent of Africa. I can find countries in the continent of Africa on a map. 

Writing: I can describe the setting that my character is in using my five senses. I can consider what my character wants as a way to develop my story. I can start my story using my plans for setting and character. I can use good descriptive words. 

Reading: I can discuss a key moment in the class novel. I can consider how different characters may be feeling about what has happened. I can express my own views. 

RME: I can discuss the parable of the Lost Sheep. I can reflect on the message that Jesus conveyed. I can relate this story to my understanding of Christian teaching. 

HWB: I can identify what a worry is. I can discuss strategies that may help when I am worried. I can name 5 trusted individuals who can support me when I am worried. I  understand the importance of trust in relationships. 


Primary 5 really enjoyed Scottish Schools rugby week this week!