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Primary 2 – Week in Review

Welcome to this week in review in Primary 2!
Please bear with us while we still work on the video for the P2 Show, this will be shared in its own post as soon as it is done. Thank you for your patience!

We had some quality time with our P7 buddies this week. We explored the book bags in the library and made marble runs to round out some quality buddy time!

In our maths, we continue to work on fractions, working on identifying fractions and exploring building up fractions. We have been looking at the 2 times table this week and beginning to link this to our doubles work.

In literacy we have been focusing on the ‘oa’ (as in ‘boat’) sound in particular this week as well as continuing to work hard in our Read, Write, Inc. work. We are starting to explore more storytelling and looked at a story from India about an elephant and a dog who become friends. We sequenced the story to help us start to retell it.

We have been monitoring the cress we were growing as part of Science Week.
The seeds which had water and sunlight have started to sprout and the seeds that had no light but were being watered also started to grow.
The seeds with no water, no sun or sun but no water didn’t sprout at all and we have begun to record this.

A big well done and congratulations to our


for being a Responsible Citizen and getting on with her work, settling into new rules and routines and asking for help when she needs it.

Have a lovely weekend! We look forward to seeing you next week!