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P3 Week’s Review (from 15th to 25th of March 2022)

Last week our pupil of the week was Kim. She is a Successful Learner with determination to reach high standards of achievement; and a Responsible Citizen able to make informed choices and decisions. Well done! 🙂

This week’s pupil of the week is Hasan. He is a Confident Individual with a sense of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, able to achieve success in different areas of activity; and an Effective Contributor with resilience, able to communicate in different ways and different settings. Great job! 🙂


During the last couple of weeks, we have been working on new sounds from the Set 3 of the RWI program: “ea” as in tea; “oi” as in point; and “a-e” as in cake. We practiced our reading, spelling and writing of words with this sounds; our letter formation skills; and our reading and sentence’s composition during the small group lessons. You can click on the sound to practice at home too!

Building Resilience

We kept talking about the importance of a back up team, and we focused on the group friends. We discussed and shared with the group the qualities we would like to find in a good friend. We wrote them on cards and create our own recipe for a good friend. They did a fantastic job!


This last two weeks we have been learning (or continued developing our understanding) about Fractions. We have been working with halves, thirds and quarters. During our lessons, we practiced skills such as: identifying a simple fraction of a shape (1 as the numerator), naming the fractions depending on their denominator, drawing a shape to represent a given fraction… We will continue to work on it during the following weeks.

We have also been working on the Place Value concept, and the importance of identifying the value of the digit depending where they are located in a number. They did a fantastic job representing different numbers with bars and blocks in their jotters 🙂

During this weeks, we continued learning about telling the time. We worked with the terms quarter past and quarter to; which some found a bit tricky to understand at the beginning. However, they gave their best and worked hard during the lessons 🙂 We will continue working with the clocks the following weeks before Easter.


Last week, as part of the Science Week we did a research about animals that live in Asia. We learned about the places they lived, their diet, their appearance… They did a great job finding the information and recording it on an informative poster 🙂

This week, we have started learning about Islam, the largest religion in Asia. We talked about the most general facts of this religion as an introduction, and enjoyed listening and learning from some the children in the class who are Muslims and were keen to share their knowledge 🙂


Last week we celebrated the Science Week at school. We learned about how scientist do experiments to find new discoveries, or answer to questions about an specific area. We talked about the Scientific Method, and used it to find out how cress grows in different conditions: soil, cotton, with or without light… They were very excited to find out we can grow our food in the class 🙂 You can find some pictures below. We also did other experiments such as blowing up a balloon without touching it, or finding out what happens to a gummy bear when you leave it in water for 24h (talked about osmosis).


This was the Rugby in Schools Week. The P3 class had a great time playing rugby during the P.E. lessons.

Next week will be the last new pack of homework before the Easter holidays. Then we will resume sending homework from the 9th of May.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through the comments or by writing to the school email and they will forward it to me.

Enjoy your holidays!
Ms Sola