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P3 Week’s Review (4th March 2022)

This week our Pupil of the week is Jameela. She is a Confiden Individual with self respect, able to achieve success in different areas of activity; and a Responsible Citizen with respect for others, and able to understand and participate on different cultural events. Well done! 🙂


This week during our RWI lessons, we revisited the sounds we have been working with so far, and introduced the sound “ou”. We practiced our reading, spelling and writing of words with this sound, and of tricky words too. You can click on the sound to practice at home too!

As part of the World Book Day, we have had a lovely time reading a wide variety of stories along the week, and listening to a visitor in the class who read poetry for us (thank you!). We all enjoyed celebrating this special date by wearing a book character’s costume, pyjamas, and/or reading together some of their favourite stories. You can find some pictures below 🙂


Following the lessons taught during the previous weeks, we have revisited the analogue clock, the minutes hand’s function, the half past concept, and the use of digital clocks. They had a great time working of different task/stations, and did a fantastic job! 🙂

We have also continued developing the concepts digits of a number and place value focusing on units, tens and hundreds. We have been working with blocks to find the place value of each digit in a number, decompose a number in tens and units, draw a blocks representation of numbers… They have tried their best in every lesson, great job!


This week we learned about how people in Spain get part of their costumes ready: the antifaces de carnaval (carnival masks). We saw some examples, learned the steps to follow and created our own antifaces. They did a excellent colourful job! Then we celebrated Carnavales during Golden Time, played games, and dance to Spanish songs. You can find some pictures of them having a great time below 🙂

Rights Respecting School

During this week, we discussed the importance of appreciating our differences, and being respectful with everyone, no matter their appearance, beliefs, skills… we all have the right to be loved and respected. They wrote three things they like about a classmate on a set of leaves, and each of them coloured a bird of their choice. We put all together and put it on a mural on the corridor next to the class. You can find the pictures of the result below, they’ve done an amazing job!

This Week’s Homework

**Please try to remind them to bring their homework bags before Tuesday so they can get the new pack home. Thanks!

This week there were three pieces of paper homework sent home on Tuesday:
Reading – new book, and activities to practice vocabulary and/or develop their comprehension skills.
Spelling – this week we are focusing on the sounds “ir” and “ou”. They can exercise their spelling and handwriting by completing the activities sent home, and also by choosing and completing three (or more) activities from the Spelling Activities sheet (complete at the back of the sheet or another paper).
Numeracy – they can practice their time telling and pattern sequencing skills with this week’s Numeracy homework.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through the comments or by writing to the school email and they will forward it to me.

Enjoy your holidays!
Ms Sola