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Primary 5 Weekly Overview

Dear Primary 5 families,

Please see below an overview of our learning intentions this week.

Maths: I can describe the points of a compass. I can explain different turns using fractions, degrees and a sketch. I can label the 8 points of a compass. I can describe a simple journey using my knowledge of angles and a compass.

Numeracy: I can recognise equivalent fractions using a visual support. I am starting to understand how equivalent fractions relate to one another. I can compare fractions with the same denominator. I am starting to compare fractions with different denominators using a visual aid. I can find a half of a shape. I can find a half of an amount. I can draw and recognise a quarter. 

Reading: I can discuss the events of the class novel. I can identify how the author builds suspense. 

Writing and Grammar: I can explain what a simile is. I can find examples of similes. I can use similes in my writing. I can use alliteration, rhyme and personification to enhance my poems.

Times Tables: I can recite the 9 times tables. I can work out numeracy questions using my knowledge of the 9 times tables. 

Spelling: Our pattern this week are words containing ea. Please see the homework post for more information.

Social Studies/Art: I can locate places in Scotland on a map. I am learning about key landmarks of Scotland. I can discuss key features of the physical landscape. I can demonstrate my understanding of the layout of Scotland in a creative way.