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Friday 28th January – P1

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This week in maths we looked at

To see Miss Copeland’s Videos from last year’s lockdown on this subject, including how to make some non-standard unit scales at home, click the links below

Scottish Week

“It is the Scotland flag. It has an x on it” Emily
“It is the Saltire Cross” Corey
Christians believe that “Saint Andrew died on a x shaped cross” Clara
“Jesus died on the cross that looks like the English flag” Jack


“We were were painting tartan” Corey
“We were painting straight lines” Mason
“We had lots of paintbrushes. The thick ones make the lines bigger” Mohtada
“We were making straight line patterns and the white is a square” Ethan

Scots Language

Last week we were challenged by Primary 4 to learn a poem where some of the words were in Scots. To help us, we had a visitor from Primary 7 teach us some Scots language. On Friday we invited our challengers back to our classroom so we could perform the poem to them. They rewarded us with a Scottish badge each!

Hear the recording of our poem performance below!

Food Technology

We worked together to prepare the tatties for our Burns Supper by washing, peeling, chopping and mashing the potatoes. We made sure to wash our hands at every stage as we know that germs can transfer from our hands, to our food, to our mouths.

Burns Party

After decorating our classroom with bunting and laying our placemats and plates, we served up the ‘tatties’ which P1 made, along with the vegetarian haggis and neeps. We enjoyed the song Auld Lang Syne then tried the traditional food. Finally we put our dancing shoes on for a ceilidh and of course some freestyle too!

Building Resilience – Keep Connected

Here is Mason’s fantastic wanted poster that he made for Ms Finlayson’s home learning task. Mason said that he would want a friend who is strong, patient, kind and happy. Excellent work! ⭐⭐⭐

This week is Languages Week Scotland.

We will be learning about the words unique, similar and different, as well as diversity.

We will be celebrating the diversity of our class, as well as the Lunar New Year.
We will have classroom visits from the following adults:

  • Ms Speedie – Our school’s Language Lead
  • Mrs Ho (Teacher) and Ms Yang (parent)
  • Mrs Henry – Head Teacher

If you would like to share any poems, songs, instruments or dances from your home culture, we would love to hear from you!

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