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P3 Week’s review (11th – 20th Jan)

Last week our Pupil of the Week was Sariah, for being a Successful Learner, she worked very hard during all the lessons; and also for showing her Effective Contributor skills by organizing with a classmate a “Welcome back party” for the whole class with games and prizes! Great job 🙂

This week our Pupil of the week is Angelos. He has shown he is a Successful Learner with his enthusiasm and motivation for learning, and a Confident Individual when participating actively on all our group lessons. Well done! 🙂


These weeks we have focused our RWI lessons on the sounds “ay”, “ee” and “igh”, and have practiced our spelling and writing of words with this sounds. You can click on each sound to practice at home too!

We also wrote a fragment of a story to exercise the handwriting skills and tried to recognise the verbs on it. We have put a special attention our spelling, space between words and full stops too. They have done a fantastic job!


We talked about the different parts in which we divide the day as an introduction of the “Time” theme we will be working on the next few weeks. During this week, we have revised and developed our understanding of the clock uses, focusing on the clock’s hands function, and worked hard on recognising and representing o’clock times.

We have also practiced our addition and subtraction skills through number facts activities and games. During this term we will have the lovely Mrs Brunner coming to our class to help us practice and improve our Numeracy skills on Thursday’s afternoon.

Building Resilience

We discussed the meaning of resilience: what it means for us, and how we can show resilience during hard or difficult situations. We made a poster with our ideas and put it on the class display, and enjoyed playing the “Pass the Hoola-hop” game to build our resilience. Even on the challenging times, they worked together to overcome the challenges, well done!

We have also discussed the different ways we can deal with difficulties, and started our term’s module Keep Connected. Today we have talked about our Back up team, people who we can ask for help in our different environments. You can find a copy of the module’s Parents Guide below.


During these couple of weeks we have been practicing greetings and numbers, previously worked during the end of the first term. We have also revised our colour’s name knowledge (or start developing for some of them), which we will continue along the next week. They also learnt a new Spanish game called Tuli, and they had a great time!

Additional Information

Our P.E. lessons will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays during this term. There will also be Outdoor Learning on alternative Fridays (it will be confirmed in class the previous day), starting from next week.

Some of the children have complained about their indoor shoes getting to small for them (they grow so fast!). They probably forget about it when they go home; could you please ask them during the weekend if this is their situation? If so, they can keep using the ones they have in the class (maybe folding the back of it when possible) till they bring in their new ones. As from the beginning of the year, everybody should wear their indoor shoes when we are in the classroom. Thanks!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through the comments or by writing to the school email and they will forward it to me.

Have a lovely weekend!
Ms Sola