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P2 – Week in Review

Primary 2 will be going to the Children’s Library again next week on Monday afternoon. We are planning to change over and take out books during our visit. If you want to return any books please just let us know. Your child may take home books if you are happy to ensure they are returned within their due date.

Our Read, Write, Count bags were a focus this week, at last! We really enjoyed the books, ‘The Bug Collector‘ and ‘The Biggest Story‘ and we finally get to take the whole pack home today! Here’s what you should have in your packs:

Primary 2 enjoyed looking at insects through some colouring in after reading ‘The Bug Collector‘ and beginning to find out how important bugs are to the world. We had a go at retelling a story or making our own comic strips after reading ‘The Biggest Story‘ too.

As part of our sounds work, we’ve been looking at the ‘ay’ and ‘ee’ vowel digraph sounds too.

We started some work on posters this week. We made a list on one ‘Wanted’ poster and had a think about what posters need through this video. Then we started work on our own posters!

We have been looking at 2D shape this week in our Maths. We enjoyed looking at shape pattern sequences and have started to explore the ‘properties’ of shapes in their sides and vertices. You might find this game useful for talking about different properties shapes have and how they can be sorted.

In P.E. we are practising some of our ball skills. Here are a couple of photos from our outdoor P.E. on Wednesday morning:

Almost finally, a big well done and congratulations to our


for being an Effective Contributor and looking out for his classmates, working to look after the classroom and our resources and being very helpful and kind!

Have a lovely weekend!