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P1 – Monday 11th October


We have been learning about primary colours and secondary colours.

Practise at home: Play this fun game and paint the picture by mixing colours.


This week we have been busy drawing and making clocks. We have been learning about o’clock times.

song 1 –

song 2 –

Interactive clock –

Game –


We want everyone to be able to count forwards and backwards to 20. Here are 2 videos that we like to bounce along to!

Sequencing numbers. Can you count forward starting on a number that isn’t 1? try this sequencing game Try sequencing > counting in ones > “1 to 10” or “10 to 1” or go up to 100 if you’re feeling brave!

Ordering numbers- Can you order the caterpillars from the fewest spots to the most spots?

or the numbers on the caterpillar from smallest to biggest numbers?


We now know 6 letters s,a,t,p,i,n. With these letters we can make lots of words!

When we put letters together, they make words. This is a key piece of understanding. Often these words follow the pattern Consonant, Vowel, Consonant. Like cat, tin or sit. These are called CVC words.



Can you blend the letters together to read these words?


Try making a game like this at home. Can you get all the way around the board?

Try watching the videos below without sound. Can you read the words? Watch again with the sound. Did you get it right?


We have 3 steps in our writing

  1. Think about what it is you want to write down. “I went to the park”. It has 5 words.
  2. Write down the words or sounds you know. Leave a space in between words and put a full stop at the end.
  3. Now we need to read what has been written
    Then… repeat!

Red Words

Red words are also know as tricky words because they cannot be ‘sounded out’. It’s just a case of learn learn learn learning them. The video below is a catchy way to learn red words. We often learn new red words when writing about our weekends, “I went to the park.” , “I went to the swimming pool.”


Primary 1 are given lots of independent time called ‘choosing’, where they can choose which area of our classroom to explore. Our ice-cream shop was a huge hit this week. As you can see, pupils were very engaged, practising their fine motor skills, communication and space sharing, making lots of delicious ice creams of many flavours to sell. Our construction area is always popular and P1 are showing some fantastic creativity, planning and problem solving.

Education City

Well done to those who have completed their homework. Your password has also been stuck on the inside page of your reading folders. Please contact the school if you require your login details again. There will be new tasks scheduled every Monday.

Feel free to comment on this post with a message to say Hello that we can read to the class.
keep up the great work, superstars!

Miss Copeland and Miss Black