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Primary 2 Week in Review – Health Week

It’s been a busy week this Health Week! We’ve been looking at different ways to be ‘healthy’ and we still have lots we can do from the work we started this week.

We continued to think about our Living Things work throughout this week as we have been out and about, and the children are looking forward to their turn to feed our fish!

We also explored we double the consonant when adding ‘ing‘ to a verb – such as how ‘sit’ turns to ‘sitting‘ before moving on to more of our Health week work.

Health Week Activities!

We had socially distanced Wake up! Shake up! with Primary 7 in the playground most morning this week! We also worked in House Cup teams to earn points at different activities for a mini Sports Day – we look forward to seeing how we helped out!

We shared what we are grateful for this week as part of Health Week too, here are some of our many shared thoughts:

We had a visitor from the Crags lead us in some tennis skills in the hall during the week too where we put our throwing and passing skills to good work!

We got out and about this week to both Johnstone Terrace Garden and to the Duck Pond this week. These were good, long walks and a real chance to explore our local areas and wildlife.

Smoothie and Sunscreen Backpack competitions

We had a go at creating a poster for our own smoothies! We thought about what we would like to put in to our smoothie and some very keen boys and girls already had a chance to make their smoothie at home! Thomas and Eliska share their photos of their smoothie work with us here!

We also had a look at sunscreen for keeping our skin healthy and safe as the weather starts to turn warm and hot. We designed our own Sun Safety backpacks and included what we would pack in them. Noah also brought in a sun hat and sunscreen!

Last but not least, Primary 2 voted to have Golden Time outside this week, what a great way to end the week!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we shall see you next week!