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Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back to Fantastic Friday, where we showcase the excellent work taking place in the nursery each week. This week at nursery we have been focussing on the story Oliver’s Fruit Salad which has lead to discussing and tasting lots of different types of fruits. We have talked about all the different fruits we know, where we get them from and how they grow. We played a fun game where we identified different fruit by touch and described what they felt like. We have also been celebrating health week with the help of the Primary fives who recorded a special workout video for us to do in the mornings, which has been so much fun! Thank you so much Primary five!

We have been using lots of different materials to print, cut and stick pictures of our favourite fruits and have been showing off our amazing drawing and writing skills. We have been washing fruit and veg in our water tray and exploring their textures and scents. We are still discussing summer and have been playing lots of fun imaginary beach games and talking about how we like to spend our time in the sunshine. We have been very busy builders in our construction area and have created some amazing structures that we have all enjoyed playing with. We have been playing fun food board games and helped to make some yummy cakes for our snack. We were very excited to see that our caterpillars have come out of their cocoons and are now beautiful butterflies, we had lots of fun watching them fly around the nets and we have released it safely out into the garden.

We have enjoyed playing outside in the garden; running cafes in our mud kitchen, building bridges and paths with our loose parts, creatively decorating our garden and splashing in the water tray. We practised our running, hopping and jumping with some fun races and displayed some brilliant gross motor skills and some great teamwork! We also enjoyed our fun adventure on our forest schools trip.

Our pre-schoolers are continuing their transition to Primary one; reading The Smeds and the Smoos, filling in their passports and having fun playing in the school playground!

Please keep sending us your lovely pictures of all the fun work you have been doing at home on the Learning Journals and contact us if you need any help to do this. We hope you have a great weekend!