Primary 5 Blog

P5 update

We are waiting for our seeds to grow. We have been giving them a head start in the classroom before we move them to our brand new planter.

Remember to come prepared for the rain with sensible shoes and a coat with a hood. We have been using the playground for outdoor learning and still like to get outside if it’s drizzly. Here are some drizzle inspired paintings…

We have been working on making our money go further and have been learning about managing a budget. To be able to do this we first had to learn about cost, affordability and pricing. We have worked on estimating prices before we check the real price online.

We enjoyed Active Schools sessions at Holyrood park recently and have been recording this towards the ‘Get Active, Stay Active’ part of our JASS award. Why not ask us to teach you one of the new games we have learned?

We were treated to a session with the new block play as a reward from Mrs Jessop. We enjoyed making a house together and then a slide.

Thanks for checking in! we are enjoying health week at the moment and will get our health rep to update you at the end of the week with what we have been up to. P5.