Head Teacher Blog

An update….

I am sure you have all read the March newsletter and have seen that some staff teams have changed.

Mr Madine’s family are celebrating the addition of a new baby girl. Congratulations! Mrs Ho continues to teach P4 brilliantly, as well as teaching Chinese to upper school classes. We have been able to persuade Mr Karadimitriou (aka Mr K) to join us for the next wee while and provide support in Primary 3 and Language Class for staff flexible working and non contact times. We hope that these two teachers will stay with us for the rest of session sharing their expertise and enthusiasm with us.

We are also supporting some student placements in the next terms including teacher training and art therapy. We are always pleased to support a new cohort of learning and teaching professionals as they bring fresh ideas and perspectives into the school.

Stay safe and look after each other, Mrs Jessop