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Monday 1st February – P1

Marhabaan everyone, happy Monday! Below is your timetable for today.

I must say, I am SUPER excited to see what all of you choose to write about in your Literacy lesson today! Especially if you do it as a family task 😍 If you only manage ONE lesson today, please make it this one ❤️

Some pupils have their virtual class chat with me today. Remember you can dress up if you would like to! Express yourself!

Tomorrow is the last day to enter the 2 Head Teacher Challenges

By 12:00 today, if you wish to enter, please can you send me the following…

  • Draw or take a photo of you ready to go to Antarctica! You will need lots and lots of layers. 3 pairs of socks? 2 pairs of trousers? 2 pairs of gloves? Maybe some sunglasses to protect your eyes? Definitely a hat!
  • Draw – If you were to build a school in Antarctica, what would it look like? Different countries set up in different areas in Antarctica. One country that has a lot of scientists there is Chile. The Chilean base has a small school called “Villa Las Estrellas” School. It has 15 children and 2 teachers. What do you think they play at break time? Where do they go on school trips? If you were to build a school in Antarctica, what would it look like?

Make sure to send your entries to admin if you want them shown on Mrs Jessop’s assembly!

P1 Termly Overview

Each term, each year group shares an overview so that you can see the aims for the term ahead. Please see the document below

keep in touch:

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  • – to share photos of work or ask questions

Big thumbs up! Miss Copeland