Friday 29th January – P1

Bonjour Primary 1. Below is your timetable for today.

You may wish to use the JASS activity sheet planner templates below

JASS activity sheet planner – Word Document

JASS activity sheet planner – PDF

Did you know today is National Puzzle Day?

Have a look on the other classes blogs and see if you can solve any of their puzzles. Below are two messages in code that Luara and Roman wrote. I wonder if you can crack them?

Want to have a go at writing a message in code yourself? Click below for some examples

Please keep in touch:

  • Comment on this blog post (text only)
  • – to share photos of work or ask questions

Check back at 10am for the Fantastic Friday Post!

Rising Stars: Our New Biz/New Year Giveaway Winners – Oh My! Handmade

Keep going team, one week to go before half term! You are all doing brilliantly,

Miss Copeland

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