Tuesday 26th January – P1

Buenos días everyone! Below is your timetable for today.

Some pupils have their virtual class chat with me today. Please have a piece of work ready to show your friends!

Head Teacher’s Challenge

In your Antarctica grid you will see a task labelled Head Teacher’s Task. By Monday 1st January, if you wish to enter please can you send me…

  • A drawing or photo of you ready to go to Antarctica! You will need lots and lots of layers. 3 pairs of socks? 2 pairs of trousers? 2 pairs of gloves? Maybe some sunglasses to protect your eyes? Definitely a hat!
  • Did you know that there are actually schools in Antarctica? Different countries set up in different areas in Antarctica. One country that has a lot of scientists there is Chile. The Chilean base has a small school called “Villa Las Estrellas” School. It has 15 children and 2 teachers. What do you think they play at break time? Where do they go on school trips? If you were to build a school in Antarctica, what would it look like?

Make sure to send your entries to admin if you want them shown on Mrs Jessop’s assembly!

Miss Copeland

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