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Seasonal Show Primary 2

As we move towards the holidays everyone in Primary 2 wishes you a fantastic Holiday Season! We have been learning about Hanukkah as a festival and we would love to share our show about it with you!

Please also enjoy our song about Hanukkah. We learnt the lines and practised singing outside to the music.

In preparation, we decided what sort of jobs we would like to do in our show. Lots of people wanted to make the props and backgrounds and others wanted to be one of our actors. What a fantastic job all!

Well done to everyone involved!

Special thanks must go to:
Mrs Swan and Mrs B for helping to arrange costumes for filming and our props and backgrounds makers

Cast and narrators

Road Safety

We have been doing the Daily Mile for the past few weeks and looking at keeping ourselves safe. As part of Road Safety Week we looked at making a video about being safe near roads. Please have a listen to what Primary 2 have to say:

Thank you to everyone watching – please comment below and thank you for watching!

6 thoughts on “Seasonal Show Primary 2”

  1. Wow! Primary 2 that was FANTASTIC! I loved your singing and acting, and you know so much about crossing roads safely. Thank you for teaching me about the Maccabees.
    From, Miss Copeland

  2. Super work P2! Lots of us remember singing the song when we did our Nativity!

  3. PHENOMENAL! You had us singing along with your song! You pulled it off so well! We loved the set that you drew!!
    From P7

  4. ‘I liked the armour costumes and drawings, they remind me of Hannukah’ Julian P5
    ‘The colour of the menorah was nice and the painting was nice.’ Julia P5
    ‘The song was good, it reminded me of another year!’ Akram P5
    ‘I especially like how you put on another candle each time the song mentioned it.’ Adam P5
    ‘I liked the colourful background.’ Ayaan P5

  5. Bravo Primary 2, this was amazing! Well done for all your hard work. Your singing and acting was fantastic.
    From Language Class

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