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Week in Review Primary 2

We continue to have some very busy weeks on the run up to the holidays!
This week we have been hard at work preparing for our Seasonal Show about Hanukkah so we can have our filming done this week. The children decided if they wanted to act or to help make the props and backgrounds for our work and I have been super impressed to see what they have come up with! Next week we finally get to show you the culmination of all our work so please be patient.

In maths, we continue to consolidate our number-skills in adding and ordering. We particularly enjoyed adding to find out what we needed to colour a part of a picture.

We also looked over ‘ordinal numbers’ such as 1st (first) and had to read some instructions around this. This is a fun flash game that you might like to try for practising our counting on, back and adding or taking away.

We had a look at our handwriting and tricky words this week in literacy. we really looked at the ‘c’ shaped words and are trying to write ‘a’,’d’,’g’, ‘o’ and ‘q’ without lifting our pencil or pen off the page in particular. We practised on our white boards and jotters this week. This is a good game to try out a range of the tricky and common words available under the Year 1 (Primary 2) options as a similar activity to Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check (LSCWC).

Stay tuned next week for our Seasonal Show work! In the meantime, have a lovely week and remember to have fun!