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Week in Review for Primary 2

We were learning about more symbols such as >greater than‘ and <less than‘ in our maths work. We continued to think about our adding and taking away too and we looked at using a hundred square to help us. We enjoyed this game though we had to listen carefully to what it was asking us to do!

We continued to look at our ‘l blends’ with ‘gl‘, ‘pl‘ and ‘sl‘ this week and our tricky words too! We started to make ourselves a board game using all the ‘l blends’ which we are almost finshed!

On St Andrew’s day we read about the story of St Andrew and how he is the patron saint of Scotland. We took our time to cut out and to neatly colour in a ‘stained glass’ picture of him.

Hanukkah is our seasonal story focus and we learned about the story behind this Jewish festival. We ordered some story cards about Hanukkah, working to put them in the correct order. We enjoyed colouring these!

We finally got to take home our Read, Write, Count book bags this week! We already read the stories in class but you finally get to take home these wonderful packs!

Finally, we were outside in the rain on Friday, thinking about the changing seasons and what we might need to think about when it is icy or wet.

It’s a good time to remember all we know about keeping safe and Maryam kindly sent in some fantastic photos of her ready to cycle safely with her helmet and high visibility clothing on! Well done Maryam!