Friday 20th November – P1

Road Safety Week

Brake 'Road Safety Week 2020' - No Need to Speed | British Horse Society

We have been applying our knowledge of our senses and forces to help keep us safe!

Test your LOOKING skills by playing this road safety game

Test your LISTENING skills by playing this road safety game.

We know that wearing bright clothes helps us to be seen. We used a highlighter pen to colour our fluorescent yellow high visibility jackets. Well done Soraya, Eyad, Khadijah and George for these beautiful road safety pictures.

Can you remember the road safety words? Play this game to find out

After learning about how it is important that cars go slowly to keep us safe, we made posters reminding drivers that there is NO NEED TO SPEED! We included road signs, people wearing high visibility jackets, roads, cars, traffic lights, lollipop people, zebra crossings, emergency vehicles. Wow! Primary 1 did such a brilliant job. Scroll through to see them all ⭐

Forces help things move. We applied our knowledge of forces when we went to the play park. Can you spot if people are pulling or pushing in the photos?

Watch this clip about forces then take the quiz to check if you are a super scientist!

The cars on the street outside school sometimes go too fast. This is because our school is on a slope. We tested this with cars and benches.

We’ve had so much fun this week playing on our road! We have been drivers, emergency vehicles, lollipop people and pedestrians. Pushing a car and crawling at speed is great for gross-motor skills and fantastic exercise!

Anti-Bullying Week

We had a big discussion about the different places we like to go to and the people who we could speak to if we were sad. Remember, we want you to be safe and happy! ❤️️