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Black History Month in LCC

LCC1 and LCC2 have created these amazing posters for Black History Month.

LCC1 discussed themes of equality and justice and created this striking poster about the Black Lives Matter movement.

LCC2 went on a walking tour of Old Edinburgh to look at paintings, poetry and photography created in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. They then looked at art by Ayo Adedeji and created their own versions in his style.

Well done LCC1 and LCC2!

2 thoughts on “Black History Month in LCC”

  1. The graphics are so good- Akram
    The hands are nice in different colours- Julia
    I love the heart in the middle- Khadija
    It stands out on the wall- Ayaan


  2. “I like the hands that are in the heart” Luara
    “I like the writing. It is so neat” Theodora

    “I like the people” Micah
    “I like all of it” Bryce
    From Primary 1 🙂

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