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This Week in Primary 2 – Maths Week

We continued with our shape work in Maths Week, working to spot as many 3D objects as we could outside in the playground and inside our classroom. We realised that we were finding more cuboids and cylinders than other 3D objects we were on the look out for.

As part of our Maths work, we have started to focus on the properties of 2D shapes and we will move on to look at some of the properties of 3D objects as we become more confident in identifying and naming these. We continue to work on writing the names of our 2D shapes.

We enjoyed playing shape games on Topmarks as some of our maths activities this week, working to identify how to sort these 2D shapes by the given properties:
You might also enjoy trying out these shape puzzles!

In Literacy we were working on our ‘igh‘ and ‘-y‘ sounds as found in words like high, night, sky or fly. We also had a go at some games to practise reading and matching igh and y words with their pictures on Galactic Phonics. We have also started to review our tricky and common words and how we use so many of these in our sentences. We also had a good think about the story of ‘Aaaarrgghh Spider!‘ and shared what we thought could happen next (and why we thought this) as well as share our thoughts about the book as a whole!

We continued having a look at maps and directions this week as part of our ‘Our Community‘ topic and we were working to give each other directions involving words like ‘left‘, ‘right‘, ‘straight‘ or ‘forward.’ We are continuing to think about left and right when giving directions to others to get them to different places. We shared this directions work and our shape work from this week with the school at Assembly!

In our Art this week, we experimented with printing with a range of 3D objects after working on a ‘wash‘ technique which we will continue to work with. In P.E. we worked on ‘attacking’ and ‘defending’ through some games this week. With Mr Reid we continued to practise our tennis skills.

Lastly, homework packs will go out next week so please do look to the blog on Monday with regards to new procedures and changes in how we pass over homework that we will need to ask you to follow.

In the meantime, thank you all for your hard work. Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Aylward